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We are always traveling the streets to feed people delicious gourmet burgers!

We, Prime Food Co., started Seven Burgers and Catering with one thing in mind,
serve quality food to our home town.
The Head Office of the corporation is presently at Salmiya area and our central
kitchen is a 400 square meter space. The kitchen are designed for high standards
of sanitary efficiency and cleaned daily. Therefore, Seven Burgers is re-defining fast
food. Fast food doesn’t have to be junk food. You won’t have that fast-food feeling
when you leave Seven Burgers.
Instead of being bogged down by beef that’s full of chemicals, hormones and
antibiotics, you’ll be uplifted by incredibly fresh quality and taste. All of our ingredients
are delivered fresh to our stores and stored in walk-in freezer and coolers.
We don’t want to just be a place to eat; we want to be part of each community we
serve and everywhere we open.
Our menu is realistic and moderate low priced one, offering a collection of traditional
and American items with common team-natural ingredients, flavorful and familiar.
Our goal is to create a unique image of burgers like beef and chicken of best quality.

Our Services

Seven Burgers Restaurant offer a menu with a variety of food items and beverages.
Customers have the ability to purchase these items by:
1. Calling for home catering / live cook station.
2. Ordering from our unique food truck.
Our 7Burgers trained Chefs and catering team are able to provide the perfect
experience for any event with love and passion, as well as we are ready to cook live
in front the customers wherever they are in Kuwait.

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