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We Welcome You Every time!

The Concrete dining experience offers an elegant yet warm atmosphere with
impeccable service. Once seated, a unique food experience begins, offering
traditional and modern food, rich in flavor, cooked with fresh and natural ingredients.
The restaurant itself is a statement of innovation, a mixture of coffee, afternoon tea,
a dessert and a full meal: a place which has reflected our concept “Remarkable
Service to every Guest”.
All the food served from the freshly baked bread to the tasty authentic plates, is
prepared with great care and attention to reflect the core values of Concrete
Restaurant. The Concrete menu boasts more than 100 selections made fresh from
scratch daily in each restaurant including Small Plates & Snacks, Appetizers, Pastas,
Fish, Steaks, Salads, Sandwiches and Pizzas. The Concrete Restaurant also features
specialty delicious hot, iced and blended beverages pairing perfectly with freshly
All those remarkable elements are what keep guests coming back time after time…


Location: Mubarak Al-Kabeer, Kuwait City
Cuisine: International
Operation Hours: the restaurant will be open
from 8:00 am to1:00 am daily.

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