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PrimeFood is one of the local organizations in the F&B industry in the Kuwaiti market.


Uniqueness, defines our story. But it’s also a quite essential story of the Kuwaiti

dream that aims to reach number one in the ‘‘World’s best restaurants”.

In 2012, Prime Food Co. was established in Kuwait as a leading family company

with diverse business interest such as operating a chain of restaurants and catering

services. Prime Food Co. has clearly differentiated itself as an expert pioneer

company in the food industry and has earned the good reputation by offering catering

products and services to a diversified range of public and private customers such as

universities, schools, social centers, parks and conferences.

Within Kuwait, Prime Food Co. operates recognized brand names of Seven Burgers,

, Concrete, 94 Grams and hajar of our major differentiators as a leading

company is the best quality and specialization of our staff that started from the very

beginning of the project. And also learned many valuable lessons along the way, and

together make up a winning team. We are here to always bring our customers new

and innovative products and of the best quality and serve up fresh and delicious

food from street lunch to your most fabulous catered event, and ready to cook live in

front the customers wherever they are in Kuwait



• A high standard of quality, safety and hygiene in the provision of our products and

services while ensuring efficiency, consistency and best performance using our long

experience and technical knowhow.

• A high quality of attitude, justice, understanding and kindness between management,

staff, customers and salespersons.

• A dedicated care of our human resources.

• Continues and effective improvement of our work processes.

• Our business practices, plans, forecast, and choices should attach on the

environmental progress and welfare.


Consumers’ well-being and health are at the core of our concerns. For this reason,

we strive to be the leading company and consumers-first choice provider in food and

catering business in Kuwait and the neighboring countries.


Customers want transparency. But what is transparency? 

It is one of those means different things-to-different-people issues.

Today, a new generation of street-food lovers is lining up at food trucks and catering

like never before. Thus, Consumers have begun to learn quite a bit about where their

food comes from and what’s in it. Here, we try definitely to inform our consumers

about the food they are buying and offer them food that is cost friendly as well as a

quick service.

Therefore, we embrace the consumers’ right to ask and to know and give them the

information they want. Increasing transparency in our food production and increase

consumer trust.

Prime Food’s team will create an experience that meets your every need. We have a

series of standard menus but frequently create a custom menu for a special occasion

because our customers are always in our heart of what we do.

Everything we cook and serve at our cuisine must meet the highest standards for

quality. Come join our different brands and see for yourself!

94 Grams


Meet the Team


Ahmed Almazeedi

Managing partner - Co-founder

Sarah One

Web Designer

John Hui


Lisa Kristine

Graphic Designer
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